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Asheville Tour Guide

Kevan Frazier

A passionate teacher and Asheville native, Dr. Kevan Frazier taught Urban History at the college level for some twenty years and has written and spoken about his hometown for as long. He's earned high praise over the years from his students for making history relevant, accessible, and enjoyable through his great storytelling. As the founder of Asheville by Foot, Kevan will make sure you have a remarkable experience.

Kevan also wrote the book on Asheville. Legendary Locals of Asheville is a collection of 150 biographical shorts on the women and men who founded, built and rebuilt Asheville. It is available at all of the local bookstores and online.


Tebbe Davis

Tebbe Davis wasn’t born and raised in Asheville but got here as fast as he could. He is a beloved resident for the past 15 years, and recognized as one of Asheville’s finest artists, specializing in Architectural landscapes. Tebbe is also a humorist and entertainer; performing in numerous local productions and performance art projects. He truly loves sharing the extensive history of Asheville through its distinctive buildings to anyone who will listen.  Tebbe is also the owner of Creative Seekers Tours which hosts tours of Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.


Sharon Fahrer

Sharon Fahrer moved to Asheville in 1996 partly because of its rich history and architecture. A noted local historian, Sharon, through her history consulting firm History at Hand, has done a number of projects including the Family Store Project with Jan Schochet to capture the memories of people who remembered Asheville downtown in its prime and to better understand her adopted home. Sharon's book, A Home in Shalom'ville: The History of Asheville's Jewish Community documents the rich history of the Jewish community in Asheville and was written in honor of the Jewish Community Center's 75th anniversary.  It is available at all of the local bookstores

Mary Fierle

Mary Fierle

Mary moved to Asheville in 1993 to work with the City of Asheville's Downtown Development Office.  She has lived through, and participated in the renaissance of our historic urban center.  Asheville's Urban Trail, a unique program you will experience while on the tour, was one project she helped make happen. Mary is passionate about Asheville history, and historic preservation.  Her knowledge of local architecture grew while working for many years with Western North Carolina chapter of the American Institute of Architects. As a Master Gardener and Beekeeper, she also has deep knowledge about plants and Asheville's pioneering efforts to protect pollinators.


Rick Fornoff

Rick Fornoff has  called Asheville home for more than 30 years. An outstanding public speaker and communications consultant (through his firm Message Clarity), Rick is a master storyteller and loves to help guests learn about the people and events which have shaped Asheville. His active volunteerism with the Asheville Downtown Association keeps Rick in the know about all the latest happenings downtown.